Business Email Etiquette Basics – Nº 3

Business Email Etiquette
Basics – Nº 3

… To:

Only include addresses in the To-field for those who you would like a response from.

… Cc:

Use the Cc-field when it is important for those you copy to know about the contents of the email. Overuse can cause your emails to be ignored.
And make sure that these people have no problem if their email address is exposed to the parties involved.

… Bcc:

Use the Bcc-field when e-mailing a group of contacts who do not personally know each other. Never publish your contact’s email addresses to strangers by listing them all in the To- or Cc-field.
This is a privacy issue!

Reply to All

Always use this button with discretion. You need to carefully think about whether “all” really need to be aware of your reply. Thus you avoid the unnecessary increase of other’s email volume.

To be continued …

Author: Bettina Lewitzke spain2brain Marketing Agency Marbella

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