Home Staging

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Home Staging


Present your property for sale from its very best side to avoid that it stays too long on the market.

Studies have shown that our sales behaviour is 90 – 95% emotional and 70% visual, because we react to colours, smells and visual impressions alike.
80% of all buyers decide in the first minute for, or against the acquisition of a property. 

Home Staging is the art to show the potential of a property to make it more attractive, to reach more buyers and to facilitate the sale by changing the decoration.

Home Staging is based on the premise that out two homes with the same type, location and price range, the buyer will always choose the one that is best presented, because the buyer is looking for the best property at the best possible price.

We are pleased to advise you and to talk in detail about our full marketing package, including photography, videography and home staging – we prepare and present your property at its best.