Web Design Trends 2017

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What Can We Expect?

Happy New Year! So it is time to talk about trends for 2017. This time in the area of graphics and web design. Clearly, trend reports are already abundant, but this is all about the aesthetic aspect. Typography will play a bigger role.


Typography will become more important next year, as more businesses will try to separate themselves from the competition with strong branding.

Video will continue to dominate trends

Video content is already strong on blogs and YouTube. Background video and motion graphics will be enjoying some attention, as long as it is used correctly. It can be easy to fall into the trap of using all the bells and whistles in the toolbox, but the success of good animation depends on subtle gentle movements and simplicity.

Responsive Design

With the mobile visual as a secondary goal that gets completed at a later date. Even with the rise of responsive design, many agencies will begin with the desktop visual and work their way down. We believe that there is a developing trend to flip this work-flow on its head and begin with mobile visuals (or small screen devices) first and then work up to bigger desktop versions.

More parallax, browsing the web is to set to evolve into an engaging, interactive, dynamic experience.Split screen layouts are another great alternative to traditional web design – they keep both designers and copywriters happy.

Faster, Cleaner, More UX (User Experience)

Flat design

Is a trend that we expect to, design will continue being influenced by the simplicity and clarity of App design.

Adding videos, supporting high resolution screens

Introducing animations and interactions has typically had a negative impact on website load speed and overall performance and whilst internet connection speeds may be going up in general, not everyone has access to these speeds, and certainly users on mobile devices are not guaranteed high speeds all the time, even with the proliferation of 4G connectivity.

We design heroic websites !

Using a Blend of Research, Creativity and a Digital Strategy to give a great User Experience in web design. With our SEO Optimisation Tools we help your website to be found properly and well positioned on relevant search engines.


By Michael Brik

Michael is an internationally published photographer specialising in architecture & property photography and is the Founder of Michael Brik Photography He has publications in various Magazines, Advertising, Catalogues, Campaigns and Books. Furthermore Michael worked for several years in the Marketing & Sales Industry in Germany, France and in Spain. So he has a consolidated background and knowledge. He is also the Founder, Art Director and Creative Head for spain2brain S.L..