Brexit: Adobe announces price increase

Brexit: Adobe announces price increase for British – up to 60 percent.

Adobe sends e-mails to its subscribers with a price increase of up to 60%. Above all, students have to dig deeper into their pockets.Photographers, designers and graphic designers from the United Kingdom and Sweden have to adjust to much higher prices to use Photoshop, Lightroom, and other Creative Cloud applications. The reason for this is, according to Adobe, the change in exchange rates in recent years.Adobes price increase: That changes Creative Cloud users and subscribers resident in the UK and Sweden will receive an email notification of the price increase. From March 2017, contributions are to be raised by up to 60 percent, sometimes even more. The price increase varies by country and subscription. Some customers report a ten percent, others a 60 percent increase. 

Companies like Bose, Microsoft, Tesla and Apple recently announced price increases from summer 2017 on the same grounds. It remains exciting to see whether this could be the breakthrough for small and cheaper programs, or creatives in the UK and Sweden simply need to take a deeper approach when it comes to using some of the best technologies and tools.


By Michael Brik

Michael is an internationally published photographer specialising in architecture & property photography and is the Founder of Michael Brik Photography He has publications in various Magazines, Advertising, Catalogues, Campaigns and Books. Furthermore Michael worked for several years in the Marketing & Sales Industry in Germany, France and in Spain. So he has a consolidated background and knowledge. He is also the Founder, Art Director and Creative Head for spain2brain S.L..