Design-First – design-oriented Companies

Design-first ! Why design-oriented Companies are the Future Design-oriented companies have gained more and more attention in recent years. It does not remain: Good design also represents a clear economic advantage for companies. What exactly makes design-oriented companies successful? Design is more than aesthetics. When we talk about design-oriented companies, it does not (only) mean… Continue reading Design-First – design-oriented Companies

Some things you should never ask a designer :)

  Just some funny thoughts:  Some things you should never ask a designer đŸ˜‰ Here are just some of the ever-recurring questions in customer-designer communication This looks very good, but can you use this image, which I found in the Google picture search? As a rule, a simple “no” should be enough to answer such… Continue reading Some things you should never ask a designer đŸ™‚

Creative Trends for 2017

Creative Trends for 2017 Basically, the design trends of the year are characterised by opposites – the real world and our digital life, nature and technology, past and future. Shutterstock presents trends from different categories. These include global trends, cultural trends, design trends, visual trends, video trends, music trends, and social media trends. Global Trends… Continue reading Creative Trends for 2017

Web Design Project interiorissimo Marbella

Web design project for interorissimo, an amazing interior architect and interior designer in Marbella. A totally state-of-the-art UX Web Design: Full Responsive on all Devices, Flat Design , Parallax Effects, superfast and BIG pictures for a great User Experience đŸ™‚ Interiorissimo´s Marbella headquarters has an exclusive distribution agreement with over 50 top Italian &… Continue reading Web Design Project interiorissimo Marbella

Brexit: Adobe announces price increase

Brexit: Adobe announces price increase for British – up to 60 percent. Adobe sends e-mails to its subscribers with a price increase of up to 60%. Above all, students have to dig deeper into their pockets.Photographers, designers and graphic designers from the United Kingdom and Sweden have to adjust to much higher prices to use… Continue reading Brexit: Adobe announces price increase