Business Email Etiquette Some Essentials

Business Email Etiquette
Some Essentials

1. Respond promptly: You always should respond to your business communications as quickly as possible. By not responding promptly you seem unprofessional and unorganized.
2. Reply to an email even if it was accidentally sent to you.
3. Proofread every message before you send it – the recipient of your email will notice every mistake. Therefore – write your email as though it was on your business letterhead.
4. Add the email address last: this is the easiest way to avoid sending out incomplete emails. Only enter the recipient’s address when you are sure the message is proved and ready to be sent.
5. And please always pay attention to select the correct recipient.

Professionalism and courtesy never go out of style!

To be continued …
Author: Bettina Lewitzke, spain2brain