Creative Trends for 2017

Creative Trends for 2017

Basically, the design trends of the year are characterised by opposites – the real world and our digital life, nature and technology, past and future. Shutterstock presents trends from different categories. These include global trends, cultural trends, design trends, visual trends, video trends, music trends, and social media trends.

Global Trends

The world is particularly enthusiastic about four key trends: white textures, raster images, emojis and head-up displays. With a growth rate of 482 percent, the prominent white textures point to a minimalism trend. Particularly in web design white backgrounds serve for clarity and order.

Emojis has also been growing enormously since 2015. They primarily serve to communicate – directly, loudly and clearly – and have universal speech potential. This year, we can also adapt to Emojis in an animated version. The trend head-up display finally combines elegant design with future technologies.

Cultural Trends

The cultural trends are presented on the basis of a time axis – from the past to the present. Large in fashion are still emotional memories of childhood and the overall vintage charm. In the present, immediate moments are transported: momentary impressions and unique still-life with a special atmosphere.
Nobody knows exactly what will happen in the future – so we turn to familiar themes and reinterpret them. Cyber ​​security can register an increase of 363 percent. In an increasingly networked world, the concern for the protection and security of our memories and personal data is growing. In addition, virtual reality (VR) becomes mainstream and opens up new possibilities. With the time advanced, the volatile Internet (+125 percent) is growing, Snapchat has already initiated this movement.

Design Trends

Again, the contrast between reality and design becomes clear. Opposites are visible in natural looks, which in turn are opposed to technology-driven styles. Particularly popular are tropical and organic styles. Nature is visible in vibrant colours, lush vegetation and in rough, authentic pictures. On the other hand, precise, sharp-cut compositions and technology-driven designs come to the fore.

Visual Trends Worldwide

Shutterstock has looked at specific trends of individual countries and cultures and observed with open eyes. In this way, trends can be identified that are apparent all over the world. Some countries, such as South Korea, Germany, and Malaysia, are dedicated to their own culture, while others are exploring traditional artefacts of foreign countries.

Video Trends

The Videotrends of the year deal with constantly changing working conditions, transport technologies and the growing need to escape all this. With four different videos, Shutterstock shows how digital change is closely linked to our lives. The videos cover immersive technologies, work in the mobile office and wanderlust. A striking trend is certainly the camera view from above, which often offers new perspectives on everyday things and processes.

Social Media Trends

In the social media forecast, the most popular instagram images and the most shared Facebook photos were identified. This year, the great theme of Nature has dominated all social channels. Particularly in the focus were extreme weather conditions such as storms and tornadoes, which remind us of the beauty and power of nature. Trends are also visible within the color spectrum: in addition to dark silhouettes, bold color accents can be seen in pictures.

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