Some things you should never ask a designer :)

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Just some funny thoughts:  Some things you should never ask a designer 😉

Here are just some of the ever-recurring questions in customer-designer communication

This looks very good, but can you use this image, which I found in the Google picture search?

As a rule, a simple “no” should be enough to answer such an absurd question. The experience shows, however, that this is not. The sharing society, conditioned by the social media, no longer has any awareness of copyright on the Internet. It is publicly posted, so it is also publicly usable. To convince the customer that this is not possible, is anything but easy. It becomes even more difficult if he then also has to be convinced to invest in photography or at least stock photography.

Can you do this for me free of charge?

Consider how well this works in your portfolio! According to a recent study, the willingness of potential customers to ask creatives for free work is enormous. Seven out of ten freelancers confirmed that they had already received one or more requests. One of ten confirmed to have actually become free of charge. The web is full of stories of creatives who have actually embarked on the adventure to hope for orders through free work.

Watch What Happens When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free:


Some more … 🙂

We are not yet ready with the content. Create the design! Gladly, the designer will think, just on what basis? The old wisdom “Form follows function” does not seem to be very widespread in design circuits, but it is not easy to deal with it.

Finally: We love to work with people and we love the challenge to create, develop and design amazing and breathtaking things together with our customers.

SCNR 😉 Nevertheless, if you are looking for nice and professional people in Marbella, Malaga and the Costa del Sol and some new and fresh design, try us @:

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By Michael Brik

Michael is an internationally published photographer specialising in architecture & property photography and is the Founder of Michael Brik Photography He has publications in various Magazines, Advertising, Catalogues, Campaigns and Books. Furthermore Michael worked for several years in the Marketing & Sales Industry in Germany, France and in Spain. So he has a consolidated background and knowledge. He is also the Founder, Art Director and Creative Head for spain2brain S.L..